Industries we revolutionize


The education sector is undergoing a major transformation facilitated by cutting edge technologies like the Internet, Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers. This large-scale digital penetration has helped in making learning more enjoyable and most importantly reachable to a larger number of aspiring students and teachers to convey with high-quality materials. Now it is the turn of digital transformation to bring in more revolutionary changes through Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing in building an open platform for learning with the right feedback system.

We at Nebutech are focusing on experience and experimentation to bring education transformation closer to pupils and teachers. The philosophy is to make learning for all ages and all levels of maturity including pupils with learning challenges. Our Products and services cover various learning mechanisms like developer boards for students of all ages, AR/VR based learning tools, Blockchain-based assessments, gamified student portals, and AI-based learner networking and assistance. We believe in preparing future-ready minds to share workspaces with intelligent machines and innovative minds through 5Cs (Content, Coverage, Completeness, Collaboration, and Credentials) of education.


Gaming is focusing on bringing people together across borders and geographies. It is becoming the next generation networking tool of similar thinking and smart execution. Now with digital transformation, it is not just an entertainment tool on a PC or on a gaming console as a standalone game but has taken shape as a multi-player and multi-device industry fast-spreading and adapting to user needs and innovative business models.

Our specially focused entity, illustrix is now bringing a deep sense of connecting the past with the future in the present to understand the players, streamers, and viewers through analysis. It is exploring the sense of gamifying games and thus involving viewers, streamers, and gamers through rewards with our community-driven gaming platforms. Illustrix along with games that entertain and captivate its audience with new and innovative game styles and gameplay has taken the initiative to launch games that can provide medical benefits mainly focusing on psychological matters of people ranging from all ages and walks of life.


Hospitality is the sector that is fragmented and has unfinished business models. There is a need to create a unified solution with customer-centricity. Present models support customer needs to the extent of finding a place with the right amount of facilities. This can be expanded to reach the customer with greater comfort, convenience, and affluence.

Our array of products provides the right combination of connecting the customer journey while enjoying the stay through properly understanding customer needs and facilities not just in the hotel, but the surroundings too. We believe in providing an ecosystem beyond traditional check-in and check-out to transformational sign-in and lap-up. It indulges in introducing artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and Internet of Things. Through our products, we would like to enforce a customer experience second to none.


Healthcare is a booming sector across the globe comprising of medical services, supply chain solutions for equipment and drugs, medical tourism and most importantly insurance. It’s complex building blocks connected strongly by regulations and patents make it thought-provoking for digital transformation enterprises to provide wide ranges of innovative solutions.

Our wide range of innovative and customer-centric products is a revolutionary offering in connecting the people and healthcare service seamlessly and securely. Each of our solutions is the cornerstone to revolutionize at the adept level of digital maturity in the value chain. It is built upon the principles of business remodeling, cloud computing, and customizable product to suit the needs. Our healthcare suite offers a comprehensive technology platform to various providers in accelerating their growth to better serve the community.


FinTech is paving ways for financial inclusion into day to day lives of people built upon strong penetration of technology with ease of use and affordability. FinTech is spreading into Virtual Banking, Open Banking, Neo Banking to bring the services of financial products to reach people. At the same time, it is challenging the very existence of fiat money through peer to peer lending models and wallet services.

Our robust application suite is enabling seamless financial product offerings based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Unified line of business products covering origination, onboarding, account services, authentication, authorization, secure transactions, loyalty, partnering, core, and payments play a critical role in financial product experience on omnichannel based customer experience.

Internet of Things (IoT)

A technology set to revolutionize our lives and industries with smarter connected devices. IoT with the power of multiple technologies working together to offer the highest optimized experience for its end-user by connecting nature and things. The combination of cloud, internet, blockchain, and IoT is accelerating a new dimension of opportunities and innovations covering supply chain, medical, agriculture into daily lives.

We at Nebutech are further accelerating this space through our cutting edge and highly customizable software and hardware offerings best suited for any task ranging from education, independent development, and Enterprise solutions. Our IoT platforms focus on a cloud-agnostic approach providing easy and robust solutions to data security, analytics, and standards in data transmission across applications and services.